HealthSouth Altoona Stands at the Top 10 Percent for Exceptional Patient Care


HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Altoona received recognition from the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR®) for the fourth consecutive year by exceeding their goals in providing high quality patient care.
UDSMR® is a measuring tool that rehabilitation hospitals utilize to track their performance against other hospitals in the region and nationwide. The UDSMR® uses a system that ranks each hospital based on patient satisfaction and patient outcomes by measuring the level of performance and effectiveness of the programs. The data for this metric report was collected over a 12-month period and focused on both Medicare and non-Medicare patients.
In 2016, HealthSouth Altoona is pleased to report that the average length of stay for their patients was 13.7 and nearly 80 percent of its patient population was discharged to the community. “Our HealthSouth Altoona team is dedicated to helping each individual patient achieve their goals and produce excellent outcomes,” said Scott Filler, CEO. HealthSouth Altoona was recognized and placed at the top 10 percent of 774 hospitals for 2016 by performing tremendously well in their five disease-specific programs and never losing sight of their patient-focused approach.

Source: HealthSouth Altoona

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